Basic Programming

We offer full CUE Visual Composer (CVC) Basic Programming Training Online. Training Videos

  1. Introducing to CUE and Basic Control System Design
  2. Tour of CVC with a show of our extensive help documentation
  3. Creating a creating a window, button and linking to a command on a device
  4. Inserting a CUE Keypad and linking to a command on a device
  5. Creating a navigation window and linking it with pages
  6. Introducing to the XPL2 programming language
  7. Getting help on CVC Commands
  8. Introducing Basic Graphic Library
  9. Supporting Multiple language in CVC
  10. Executing Channel Commands on another device instance and multiple device simulation/debug
  11. Creating a module and some functions in a module
  12. Declaring and handling an event from a module
  13. Creating a Relay Driver/Module
  14. Creating a Infrared (IR) Driver/Module
  15. Creating a Serial Driver/Module
  16. Customizing your own graphics with Generic graphics collection
  17. Adding webGUI for a project
  18. TCP Server using CVC Demo
  19. Serial to TCP Client Demo
  20. Serial Control Demo
  21. Presets Template Demo
  22. Button Ramping for volume control Demo
  23. Using Semaphores
  24. Finalizing and uploading projects to controllers

Click here to download demo project file used in the videos about Please feel free to email to us at if you have any problems with this training. For more tips and tricks on CUE programming, please refer to Programming Tips.

ControlUI Videos

  1.  Introduction and basic Usage
  2. ControlUI Basic AV Usage
  3. AV Module Customization
  4. WebSite and resources intro
  5. Graphic Customization 
  6. Zone Setup