WebGUI is a web based control interface developed by CUE Asia based on the demo version of HTML control source codes from CUE.A.S. This web base interface for CUE works on all HTML5 browsers and have been tested on Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, Android and IE9,10.

This software license is linked to hardware, to register send us the webGUI serial number your have purchased from us and the serial of the controller/touchpanel.

Click on the link below for the latest version of our webGUI modules with user manual.
Download – WebGUI_2.00h – Fixed font problems on Windows RT
Download – WebGUI_2.00i – Added functionality to Change Modal Window Background Color
Download – WebGUI_2.00k – Fixed communication problem with browsers after WindowsRT support
Download-WebGUI_2.00l – Fixed problems with Clock and Bargraph Feedbacks

Download-WebGUI_2.00n – Improved Bargraph Performance and Added support for 2 Templates in one controller


For best performance and results,  add the control URL to the home screen. When using Android(Chrome)/Apple(Safari), this will create a full screen application look and feel.


ControlUIv1.0 – Control UI gives programmers an easy way for devices to integrate with minimal programming. DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE!!!

User manual  – UM_Control_UI_Base- DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE!!!

ControlUI Customization Modules

Generic drivers for devices like AV Receivers, Projecters, Source, TV , Air Conditioner and Custom devices.

GenericDriversV1.0 – DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE!!!

User Guide for customizing drivers – DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE!!!

Sample QuickStart Template

Template project for using ControlUI and WebGUI – DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE!!!

CUE Asia Module

CUE TCP Server Module – This device module allows programmer to create a TCP Server using our CUE Controllers/Touchpanels/iCUE-Pro/aCUE-Pro/pcCUE-Pro. This module allows user to create a 3rd party control module that allows 3rd party systems to access our control system to activate presets or exchange any data/information.
Download – CUE_Server_TCPServer_Tcp_Server_1.01

CUE Serial To TCP Client Module – This device module allows programmer to convert any Serial Module in CVC into a TCPClient module. Some equipment has TCP/IP protocol specifications that is exactly the same as the serial specifications. Only difference is the user of TCP/IP for communication. Instead of writing a new driver, you may use this module to simply convert the Serial version of the module to the TCP/IP version without rewriting or changing any source codes. All TCP/IP handling and settings will be inside this module.
Download – CUE_Converter_SerialToTCPClient_Tcp_Client_1.00.cvcd

Presets Module – This is a module template that allows programmer to create presets with interlocking processes. Events and feedback is also built into this module for synchronizing 1 or more touchpanel or interfaces. Comments are inside the module to help users modify the module for use in their project.
Download – Presets

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