Programming Tips

Here’s are some videos with tips and trick you can use when dealing with various issues during programming.

  1. Using Semaphore to protect codes from errors caused by concurrent process execution
  2. Ramp buttons for volume control or similar applications (Download Ramp Button Demo Project)
  3. Room or System presets with synchronization across 2 or more panels (Download – Presets Demo Project) /(Download – Presets Module)
  4. Handling Feedback for Serial (Download – Serial Control Project)
  5. Using the CUE SerialToTCPClient Module for TCP/IP Client programming (Download – SerialToTCP Demo Project) / (Download – SerialToTCPClient Module)
  6. Using the CUE TCPServer Module (Download – TCPServer Demo Project) / (Download – TCPServer Module)

Please click on download to visit our download area for the latest version of various modules used in the video demos.

Contact support if you have any problems or feedback with regards to this videos.

Click here to download the terminal software we have used in the demos.